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Better Sports Glasses Make You A Better Competitor.

INVIS is a small American brand, focused on amazing sports glasses and nothing else.

"The Best Sport Sunglasses You Can Buy For 2023"

  • Advanced light-adaptive darkening technology 2.0, even darker than our previous generation
  • Full 2-year warranty, we'll hook you up if anything goes wrong
  • Amazing customer service & chill return policy
  • Support American small business

They're Not Just Sunglasses.

They become dark sunglasses when exposed to sun, then transition to clear glasses again in the shade.

No swapping glasses or lenses. Just GO.

Our business plan is simple: 

We only sell top shelf equipment, and we don't overcharge.


  • Full UV400 Protection (UVA + UVB)
  • Advanced TR90 Thermoplastic Frames, For The Ultimate In Durability, Flexibility, And Comfort
  • State Of The Art Fast Darkening Performance
  • Shatter Resistant Polycarbonate Lenses

What Actual Customers Are Saying:

  • George C.

"Took my new pair mountain bike gravel riding yesterday, these glasses do the job and change tint quickly in and out of shaded areas!"

  • Annette B.

"I love mine...very comfy and nice looking. The transition lenses work great...I never have to take them off. There is a prescription insert in the box too. Awesome glasses!!"

  • Robin P.

"I have these and love them. They don’t fog up either!"

  • Troy C.

"I spend a lot of time on the road so it’s nice to not have to remove them every time I go inside a building. Loving your product so far."

Unbeatable Glasses. 

25% of The Price.

  • Free hard case, carrying bag, and Rx insert

Unbeatable Glasses. 

25% of The Price.

Unbeatable Glasses. 

25% of The Price.

  • Free hard case, carrying bag, and Rx insert


Your Favorite Frames:


VICI Light Adaptive Sports Optics

Light Adaptive Sports Optics


  • Free hard case, carrying bag, and Rx insert

60 Day Guarantee / 2 Year Warranty

Wide Lens

Velocity 7 Light Adaptive Sports Optics

Light Adaptive Sports Optics

Velocity 7

  • Free hard case, carrying bag, and Rx insert

60 Day Guarantee / 2 Year Warranty

Hurry, order before the next shipping cutoff:

How good is your warranty? What if my glasses break?

Our policy is "no worries, get out and ride 😎"

All Invis eyewear is guaranteed to be free from breakage due to material or workmanship defects for two years from the date of purchase.

Even if damage isn't technically covered, we'll do our best to help you out, so everybody's happy. Just shoot us an email.

Where is your company based?

We operate out of the Twin Cities in Minnesota, USA :)

How much is shipping?

Generally it's $4.95 for US orders of one item, a little bit higher for multiple items. Expedited shipping is also available as an add-on.

How fast is your shipping?

Generally we see 3-5 days for standard shipping, and 2-3 days for expedited shipping for US orders.

Do the glasses have bifocals/readers?

Unfortunately not, but if you need them we recommend "stick-on" bifocal lenses. They are cheap and easy to find, and you can apply them directly to our lenses.

Not Ready To Buy?

No sweat, it's a trust thing. We're a small American business, founded because trust is so important.
We give you a product we're proud of, with great support, and we know you'll come back to do business here again. Great deal for everybody.

We know you don't wanna pay $200 for a pair of nice glasses, but budget hunting is dangerous too. Fly-by-night companies selling glasses that'll fall apart the next day.

Try A Better Way. Try Invis!
Message us any time,

Here's the thing: sports eyewear brands are GOUGING their customers.

We make eyewear, and I can tell ya, it doesn't cost $150-300 to make a pair of nice glasses!

But what else is there? Cheap Marketplaces? The products don't last, and the seller might disappear the next day.

You need a brand you can trust. INVIS is here for you.

We know trust has to be earned. We want all our customers to be lifelong customers.

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